A mentor for anyone that needs help in SFM/Source related Modeling

So I found this guy and he’s pretty good with this stuff, spread the word to your friends. He’s on almost 24/7

Here’s his steam:

He helped me with setting up bodygroups and =D I’m not trying to advertise, but here’s my thanks. =D

you shouldn’t just give a name out unless they requested it, chances are he doesn’t want to teach loads of people.

seriously how can you just misunderstand that

Woah, Gmod4ever? Whoever could this man be? He sounds so mysterious and unknown, I’d love to meet him!

I talked to this Gmod4ever dude for modelling advice.

Don’t waste your time. He’s a total dickhole.

If he’s not insulting your inexperience with modelling, then he’s insulting your intelligence and worth as a human being.

0/10 would not suggest asking for advice.

could you introduce me to him? :v:

Never heard of him. He must be new. :v:

Chance’s are… that might be you in disguise Jack.

God damn I feel sorry for the poor bastards who have to talk to that cunt Gmod4ever, let alone actually be the owner of that account.

Thank fuck that’s not me, all I can say.