A mercenary walking away from a bunch of dead bodies

It’s kinda generic, but I was just testing a hack.


Thats badass.
I really like it.

The hack looks pretty good! The only thing I might change is the size of his head. It seems a little small compared to the rest of him.

The arm holding the gun seems kinda stiff.
Besides that, the pic seems pretty badass :stuck_out_tongue: Nice model btw

Lol, woodland dpm and some other odd camouflage. Doesn’t fit the dust.

The hack is okay, but his body is a lot bigger than the body. Shrink the body. Don’t make the head bigger. He’ll look like a bobblehead.

He’s a mercenary. He doesn’t need fitting camouflage.

There’s no DPM there son. Look again.

I can clearly see MARPAT and ERDL in two different colour sets.

like the skin

Nice! Are those Codmw2 gloves and vest on him? They look like it. Can’t wait for the release.


Acually that could be a new model for Frank O’Hara.

gettin my damn camouflage patterns mixed up. .-.

But still, even if he is a merc, he should still look partially like what he is in with his surroundings.

Actually, pretty much the whole body model is from the mercenaries that S-low ported from Army of Two. But yeah, the gear does look pretty similar to what those special forces guys in MW2 have, I was making this with that idea on my mind.