A Metro and a Rebel on two different sides of a door


dat ass

Please don’t tell me that is your first posing…


Just noticed it, my bad.



Where did you get that Metrocop skin?

It looks too good.

I don’t approve…

REAL THOUGHTS: Why can I not pose worth a damn…

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=74244 (I think)


Okay. It’s not my first pose though.

Hunter is quite known over here.

I haven’t really been out of the LUA section quite that much to say I recognize him.

Hunter is known to put out a picture almost every few days that are completely generic (:hurr:) but I do the same thing except for the every few days :haw:.

Also hunter is known as the guy that decided to stop improving. :v:

This times infinity.

I think if you’d expect the door to get kicked in by da copz, and thought about it to the degree to bring a rifle that you wouldn’t stand with your back to the door :v:

rebel should wall hack the cops to death

Reminds me of a pose I made for Wystan’s “Mag-less Weapons thread”.

It kinda looks like hes grabbing his ass trough the wall.