A Metro Cop kills a random citizen in a cafe


This is my first serious scenebuild. Unfortunately, I do not have photoshop and have extremely limited experience with it, so all editing was done in game. Blood is supposed to be on the window, a bullet wound on the mans forehead, and the pistol is supposed to be smoking. Constructive criticism please, especially on the posing. Map is rp_tb_city45_v002n. Anyone, feel free to edit it.


Wow, that pistols got some firepower.

For one I do not see a corpse anywhere, I do however see a scared man backing against the window. I look at it and the title should be “Citizen knows he’s about to be killed.”

Oh crap, I meant to use the .357 revolver in this shot, but i guess I forgot and used the standard pistol =(.

terrible posing tbh

Ya, it is pretty bad posing, first time I used HL2 models and I find their a bitch to pose, but oh well.

Posing is shit. Who stands with their knees like that?

That man is supposed to be cowering in fear, though now I realize if I was cowering in fear, I would be in a crouching position. Thanks for all the criticism so far, it will really help me in the future.

Am i the only one who sees no edit?

This guy in my school who happens to be gay stands like that, like he has rickets.

But seriously, pictures can be good without editing.

He doesn’t look too dead.

Leave this section, and never come back.

Did the gun kill him from the inside? Because from what i know about guns when a bullet goes in it usually leaves a mark.


If it was a tazer there would be some sort of mark on the man, because tazer guns have little barbs on the tips that go under you skin and hook on, there would be some blood.

I have to admit, my picture has generated many funny comments(such as Eskimo Steve), but yes, my picture is not externally edited, as said in the text below my picture (if any of you actually read it). When I used the paint tool and selected blood, the blood would not be sprayed on the window, so even if I shoot the guy in the head in-game, there would be no blood that would have came out from the exit wound, so might as well be no edits, cause if the guy only had a bullet wound, it would look stupid. This should probably be my last post in this thread, I hope you all have a nice day.

You could’ve used the paint tool on his head.

It’s like DARK RP!

Way to give up! :v:

Please clarify.