a mi-28 chopper flying over a failed evac center

fuck its been so long ive posted something


Holy shit i just jizzed.

That’s great!

But the heli is useless, it could be better with a blackhawk carrying a rescue team and survivors!

Maybe the infection didn’t spread to Russia(or any other countries using mi-28 :downs: ) and the U.S. went all silent or something :hurr:

Anyways. It’s great to see you back Resistance. The picture is really good after my taste. Keep on’ trucking :golfclap:

Who the hell is this Resistance guy?

Ooooh that guy who loved planes, yeah welcome back now stay here.

Awesome shit bro, nice to see you back.

Really cool. Nice to see you’re back even though I didn’t know that you were gone…

Oh my god! My eyes are orgasming :smiley: Nice work

Love the atmosphere.

It’s not “orgasm”-ish, as the others are saying, though. At least not for me.