A mingebags first pose



The heavy is obviously badly posed and faceposed to fit the scene.

Fucking perfect.

I love the concept.

The physgun beam doesn’t look like physgun beam and the mingebag’s left foot hangs in air.

I read the Title and was like “Aw for fuck sake, more shit” but then i caught on to the fact of, why would someone call themselves a mingebag.

Good shit.

Wasn’t sure how to replicate the physbeam - I think I did a decent job.

And yeah, I noticed the floating foot.

Maybe the rope tool?

Heh nice one

Rope tool looks awful, imo.

Needs more “fuck you” finger and blood spam.

O_O This was my first pose too!

I like how the beam isn’t screwed up.

Thanks for the comments, guys :smiley:

A mingebag usually poses like crap, really crap.

I am incapable of posing bad :frowning:

I thought of that.

Guess it’s an exception then :buddy:

Needs more buttsecks.
Seriously, every minge poses buttsecks.


On a more serious note, I like it.

I love it, but the music isn’t really necessary, although it does fit.