A minor issue for me.

hay guys, I seem to have a problem every now and then when launching gmod.
upon it launching it, it gets to the point where it is initalizing the menu system etc. and when it finishes, instead of displaying the menu, it shows a black screen. the menu is there, as you can hear the menu as you roll the mouse over where the buttons are supposed to be. has anyone has this before? is there a way to fix this? it’s not too big of a deal, as it only happens once every 2/3 launches.

my grapics card is a old radeon 9600, but has served me well
if you need more info on my pc, feel free to ask.

thanks in advance,

If you’re running in fullscreen, try windowed or vice-versa.

I agree with whosdr experiment between -window and -fullscreen commands in garrysmod launch options.