A Miss Pauling Ragdoll? Sure, why not.

Edit: Alright, she’s up for download :slight_smile:

I’ve been sitting on this model for so long it’s the definition of valve time (pretty much as soon as I was done the announcer ragdoll). So what I need you folks to tell me is if there’s anything I need to attend to on the model before I release her.


She’ll come with both her shirt-pants and dress clothes as bodygroups, in purple and green varieties.



I know, her face isn’t quite… okay, it’s nothing like what it is in the comics. I figured my best course of action was to go with a mature face to try and fit alongside the classes and other models I’ve made, or it would just look like a balloon. :saddowns:

I guess one thought most people will have “why is she so short”-


She’s ridiculously small in the comics. Smaller than a scoutmama I’m afraid.

Help me out here before I goof up something again. :saddowns:

Theres something wierd about her chest, oh and make her hair things bigger.

Small, yes. But look at the size of her head!

Oh thats what i found odd about her head.

Make it bigger.

A bigger head wouldn’t fit IMO. All the TF2 people have small heads. I think it was the comic artist’s fault for missing that detail.

I would say to make her head bigger and her shoulders and waist a tad smaller.

It’s cool to see someone doing the characters from the Hale comics.

Yeah, I’m in agreement with everyone else here, the head should be bigger so she looks more proportionally like she does in the comics: tiny and feminine. I mean, the TF2 classes are exaggerated to look more masculine by being bigger, by that logic Miss Pauling should look tinier.

I think her proportions need to look more like Bruce Timm’s take on Harley Quinn. As you can see, her proportions are exaggeratedly feminine while maintaining that hint of believability. Try to go with that kind of look and I think she’ll look spot on.

EDIT: Found a 3D model of Harley Quinn that’s based off of Bruce Timm’s original Orthos of her, this should give you a good reference:

EDIT: Also, a bit of a request, any chance you could ever take a look at the existing Saxton Hale ragdoll and fix it up a bit? You know, give it faceposing, etc.?

Maybe add extra details to Saxtons shorts and hat.

You should add some gradients to her clothing. Theres also missing shadows on her clothing for the folds- these are really important as you can see on the original TF2 model where they are really pronounced. Good work nonetheless.

She wore a dark purple dress for the majority of the comic

The green one is from this comic:

I would say her head needs to be a tad wider and rounder, and maybe the hair not pulled back so tight.

Apart from that, looking good.

Is there any good site where one can read the Hale comics?

Thank you.

Righto then. I’ve made changes to Miss Pauling’s model since that first post.

Darkened her shirt and dress, added some volume to her hair, slight changes to her face and head size, small proportionate changes, added a clipboard and pen as bodygroups (which will be available as separate props), and she’s not so pale now.



Looking very nice! If this was the final build, I’d be stasified.

Perhaps the head could still be bigger, but I think you’re at the edge of the point where the proportions would look off.

Looking very nice, great job! I agree with above poster, you might want to narrow the hips a bit also. Also, is that a high poly model?

The new model looks better, but I still think the proportions should look more like they do in the comics.