A mixture of RP maps?

Hello fellow Facepunchers. Today I had a glorious thought… Wouldn’t it be amazing if somebody could COMBINE Rp_tb_thecity45 and Rp_C18? Please post comments and ideas…


the problem with combining RP maps is that the source engine got a limit for how many brushes it can handle. A rp map is useally very detailed so it useally contains many brushes and props and so. The compile would take more time than you can imagine if its even able to compile. And then we need to have both mapmakers permission if we not gonna have to decompile it but then the brushes will get a bit bugged and everything. No, its not even possible.

Oh yeah. I kinda had that in my mind. I just wanted to see what people would say. Ha.


Yeah I know what you mean.

Man, imagine if Valves maps and tools could allow for a huge city. Servers with 200 people. Cities made from multiple levels… That would be the day…

Edit: It would also be chaos :stuck_out_tongue:

Optimize, optimize, optimize…

The brushlimit is very high tho. You can decrease compiling times by using func_detail appropiatly. Also, increasing the lightmap scale does greatly increase compiling times. Also, a fog controller is usefull. (Far Z Clip Pane)

On this moment i am working on a huge city district. it is like 6/10 finished. It has a fully operational monorail, loads of buildings and roads. The size of the map? The maximum grid size of hammer. (not in height though). Performance is great by using the tricks i described above.

Dude that sounds awesome! Will it be like you can go in all of the buildings? Or most of them? Or is it just like gm_hugecity where its epic but you can’t go in the buildings? I just wanna know… Sounds nice.


It is extremely undetailed, then, as you will hit the (shitty) limits before you can have a detailed urban map in even 1/4 of the grid.

You can still make it quite detailed. There is no limit on prop_static. Also there is no limit on func_detail. So…

Tell me if im wrong but Func_detail is still a brush.

Well yeah… Hmm. But i think it is counted as an non- dynamic entity, It is discared by VVIS en VRAD.
And if you can model, you can make huge maps by using loads of prop_statics.

(Source: http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=3924)

well, that is dynamic entity. It also exists a brush limit which is (tell me if im wrong) around 8000. But that with light i didnt know. thanks for that :slight_smile:

The brush limit is 8192, the entity limit is 4096.
prop_static is counted in the entity limit.

Correct me if I’m wrong, a func_detail IS a brush? I’m kinda noobish so please, cut me some slack.

I thought it wasnt (i’ve tried before), but also because it’s not even an entity.

a prop_static is NOT counted in the entity limit. The entity limit is for dynamic entities. Like prop_physics.

In Hammer when you go to place a prop_static, where do you have to go to get it? ENTITIES. Hurf a durf. So yeah. Also, I wouldn’t argue with The Pro because he’s always right. He know Hammer… Like insanely.

Okay, be stubborn. Here is the proof.

In hammer:


In Garry’s mod:


5500 Beware of dog signs.

Well beyond the 4096 entity limit.

I had to build walls with area portals, because if all the props are visible simultaneously garry’s mod crashes.

Hurf a durf. Go kiss some more asses.

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Hold it right there.

It appears that has been fixed in the newer versions of the compile tools however using the Source06 compile tools the error can be reproduced.