a model of Grigori from Dragon's Dogma?

I didn’t think i’d ever need to request to ask for models, but I feel like my favorite dragon in gaming Grigori deserves to have his spotlight in SFM, as many Dragon’s Dogma models should, id don’t have the game or the correct requirements to get textures and models from the game itself, but if someone does, please pm the model and textures of Grigori to me, for your help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I was thinking we could try and see if Dragon’s Dogma is possible. They’re monster and gear designs are wicked cool!


thus it can be done, Zaramot made a max script for it incase nobody knew
and no I did not extract this, this was by Zaramot

Wonder if its possible to rip model sets from the game but take the bare player heads out so that people could head swap them. I’ve also been meaning to look for a model of [sp]Daimon[/sp] from the expansion pack and weapons like Ascalon, Heaven’s Key, Guts and Griffith’s weapons from pre-Eclipse, and [sp]Dragon’s Dogma[/sp].

Got a link to the script? Can’t find it on Xentax.

hey, idk if you saw what I said in the other Dragon’s Dogma related post, but my issue is mainly trying to find the .mod files I wish to access, in all my extracted arc folders I can’t seem to find the .mod’s I don’t know if i’m looking in the wrong places or if I need some bms script to find them

please help

here are all the tools I currently have.


I’ve noticed some models have fucked up bones on import, gryphons, dragons, and Daimon being a few.

I can get around that

thank you but, I still need to know when the arc is extracted where the .mod is located

well i’ll wait… no need to rush take your time :slight_smile: