A Modern Soldier gets ready to wage Modern Warfare.


Those 1887s look a bit over-scaled.

Filesmelt is fucking with your picture, I cant see it :confused:


I can see it, nvm.

Their camo looks abit too bright but the one with the shitloads of guns looks badass.

use cubeupload

Frikkin’ finally it’s up

Great lob! You summed up how I feel about Akimbo 1887-ers!

Looks good Caboose, posing is solid; and the akimbo guy made me lol.


those are some big ass 1887
posing looks stiff

I think the helmets are placed too high up on those models.

I wonder what are the Tax payers are thinking about this…

I’m thinkin Arby’s.

1800’s style shotguns in MODERN Warfare

That pisses me off too…

nice character models.

did someone finally port the bc2 models

Also the Models guy looks like Arnold.

No, these are from AA3.

Frigging awesome (except for the camo lighting, but everyone pointed that out). Got a version without the speechbubble?

Bonus points for the shit-eating grin and sunglasses on that one guy’s face.