A Monocle

Nothing too complex, just a monocle. I don’t imagine it would be too difficult. I just hope that whoever takes this up puts some effort into it, and not just make a cylinder with a torus around it and slap some one color textures on it. Some small detail, and maybe phong is all I ask.

And make sure it fits a normal ragdolls eye…

(Chain is not necessary… but would be nice :3:)

I could probably model that.

I think.


Well i gave it a try and here is what i did.

I am a extreme beginner on modeling , so don’t be harsh.


Hey, hey, wait a minute, are you trying to make a Mister Royzo model? Cool.

Hey, that doesn’t look too bad! Only little thing that I think could be improved is to thicken up the little link thing that attaches to the chain. Right now it looks like it’s paper thin…

No, just want a monocle because it would be great fun when posing. Especially when combined with the demoman’s tophat.