A more rundown version of OMGCity

I found it once upon a time, but I wanna find it again. Does anyone know where it can be found?

Request subforum!!!1

It’s not a request for a whole new map. It’s just for a link.

That’s what the requests forum is for.

Can someone just help me?

Are you talking about Rd_omgcity?

No. Go to the request section.

He is not requesting a NEW map. He is simply asking if anyone know the name of it, or if anyone have a link. That is not a request.

While there’s no official rule for it (that I’ve seen,) people usually put their “where can I find X” requests in the request subforum. Don’t just put them in the main forum because you want the thread to get more hits. People do read the request forum, this isn’t an imageboard.

I don’t know what you mean by a more “rundown version” but see if you can find it here

Yes, thank you. Finally, someone helpful.

How can you own GMod and not know about that website?


The original OMGCity is on the front page…


I helped. :saddowns: