A Motherly Figure


Look at the bottom right.

Rated heart. :3:

Made me chuckle, have another heart.

Eli, you dog.

Magnusson is like. “Yeow, I am old and she is like so young. I’m going to get a boner here”

Have heart.


He’s actually having a flashback to the olden days, when he and Eli first met.

Baby Alyx in the pic’s all like “OH GOD IS THAT MY MOM?!”.

Oh god implied mpreg butthurter how could you

Magnusson is the gift of gods.

i wasnt expecting that lol

microwaved perfection

Also, I remember our little conversation about Magnusson a while ago :buddy:

Indeed. Now, I must get back to my rocket, Freeman.
I’m relying on you not to squander my trust. Or my magnussons.

The magnum device Blam

Ahahahaha :v: that picture frame.

mother judisa

Yes, very yes.

Thus went the msn chat.

Me - Look at the picture frame.
Buddy - I do.
Me - Yea and?
Buddy - Well what about it?
Me - Look closer.
Buddy - I am looking.
Me - What do you see?
Buddy - Eli, baby Alyx and some ugly bitch.

I gave up.


I wish Magnussen… however it’s spelt, was my mother…