A Motion for Peaceful Cohabitation.

First let me preface this post by saying that I wish for this to be a reasonable discourse that perhaps can become a thread that guides new Rust players and Forum members to a more harmonious existence with veterans. Secondly, I apologize if this is a dupe thread. I searched several things and found nothing, so I felt I should post this.

That said, here is the meat of the post:
I’ve noticed a lot of posts that were not thought through well, as well as failed to adhere to the rules lain out by the admins of this forum. Lots of dupes and such. That said, I joined when the game launched on Steam, I don’t claim to be a veteran at all, I just wish to help us all stop the hate, and become a more understanding group. Or at the least plead that those who wish to post hate instead just report the dupe to forum mods and move on. This leads me to my second point.

I’ve noticed a lot of hate toward Rust noobs that is disguised as “help.” A prime example are posts that say “stop posting dupes and search you idiots! Now heres a link to the wiki.” No one believes that your actually helping, you just want to yell at someone who is new, since your the sophomore now, and no longer the pledge. Which is understandable, we have all been freshmen, fresh meat, first years, or the new kid. Adding to the cycle doesn’t help grow this forum as the primary source for the devs to better understand how to make the game better (which I assume is the primary reason for such a forum).

TL;DR: Perhaps instead of yelling at new kids in public, send them a PM or report their dupe for moderators to clean up. I’d like this to be a place for irks to be voiced so we can all have peaceful cohabitation.

They are supposed to read the sticky which outlines the rules of the forum. If they can’t adhere to reading it like the rest of us, they can’t properly function here. That being said, I appreciate you outlining this, I’ll do my part.