a movie i made

tell me if its nice pls or if i need more help also please help me i want to port in gmod and i cant because i made a ragdoll and i cant port it that gui studio and qc confuse me anyone can help?

Horrible framerate, and I take it English isn’t your first language?

yeah but ill try to improve and no english isnt my first language

Eh… It’s best if you learn some frame animation skills before trying again. And some more English wouldn’t hurt at all. The better your English, the more respect you get from certain people. There’s no downsides to knowing more English.

Also, impatience is your worst enemy.

ok man ill try

… are you 15?

sorry i think i messed up the grammar i meant tell me if the video is nice and also i would like some help with porting because i got stuck at the gui part

what? i was asking because your name has 1997 in it

and also because the video is dumb

my account isnt mine first and second even if i was 30 and trying this i would reach the point that my skills where like that in the video so your point is invalid friend

i dont even

idiot -_- sorry to say it i never usually call people idiots but u are one

how am i an idiot? it’s not my fault your bad at speaking english

its not ur fault but i think i wrote that perfectly correct it if u can mr grammar guy plus im greek i dont even learn english

okay im just gonna stop


You may want to look at Hentie’s Animation Tool. It helps with animation a lot.

Grammar (Lack of it).
Bad animation.
Dumb concept.
Overall spaghetti.

Sorry to break it to you, but that is plain horrible.

That was the worst video I’ve seen this year. No hyperbole, that was literally the worst video I’ve seen in 2012. Wow…

You guys are mean!

I like the video :slight_smile:

I mean, it was ok.