A mugger points a Glock at a businessman in a garage

Title does not lie.


Been a longass time since I posed something.

It’s not bad, but it’s nothing special as well, so yeah, not much to comment.

Shadow under the nose looks like Hitler.

For a second I though of Bubz.
Posing is pretty nice, same goes for the DoF.

Lol hitler shading.

The posing is good, even tho the tie guy looks a little weird leaning forward. I really missed pictures like this. Good job. :psyboom:

lol hitler shading :v:

Yes, he’s leaning forward, in a gesture to seem concerned. Or something, w/e.

Hunchbacks. The guy on the left isn’t so bad because he is aiming, but I doubt that anyone would lean towards a dude with a gun.

The posing/angle/Dof and everything is perfect, yet as it’s already been stated theres not much going on… Which is fine.


Cowering away?

This is all speculation so saying WHY they are posed like they are seems a bit weird, seeing as they can have normal explanations. Plus to be able to comment on peoples posture you would have to have been in or seen a similar situation. – hense why i hate “lol he shud be pr0ned cus snipers will kill him” realism comments.


I don’t understand how you can cower away, towards someone.

I’m not making a comment based on a feigned concept of realism in a mugging situation, although I must admit I did word it quite like that, but a comment that the posing looks really unnatural. People don’t hunch their backs like that in any situation. I’m not making this comment because I want the picture to be a 100% perfect representation of a mugging, but because the posing should be dynamic and believable. Wouldn’t having the guy leaning back with his arms coming upwards in an “oh shit” motion be much more logical?

Michael and Johnathan were both born as hunchbacks. You see, they both have a certain gene given to them whilst they were in their mothers womb by horrible, horrible scientist conducting experiments about hunchbacks. Michael and Jonathan are also brothers, their father fucked around in the 60/70’s, but they do not know they are.

Maybe the guy is leaning forward because the thief told him to lay on the ground facing the floor, that happens alot.

Thanks, you should have posted that backstory first though.

Now we’re just being silly. This is a picture. You either pose the guy lying on the floor or don’t pose him lying on the floor - not the movements in between because then people are like “wtf is he doin?” like we are now.

Yeah, I should have :3:

:v: true.

it’s quite common to be leaning forward “cowering” whilst walking backwards. :v:

Sorry for making them hunchbacks, didn’t realize it until it was too late :frown:

they are only ever so slightly leaning forward, don’t worry man it looks fine


I hit you where it hurts.

Why yo’ so mean :saddowns: