A N7 cruiser is going down outside orbit of a planet.

Guess what game I’ve played :downs:

Thread music-ish. Somewhat inspired off.:

Everything exept for the giant ship and pods are in photoshop (With and without tuts from the internet.)
Anyway this is in my honest opinion one of my best poses (At least my favourite), And I love it enough to get a shiny poster version of it. Hooray!
Allthough I’m not that happy with the fact that saving it made all the impact craters a lot darker. Making them look like ugly black smugdes.


Well, I hope you guys like it as much as I do, please C&C

I love it more than you do.


Oh my days that is fecking awesome. I honestly have no criticisms of it whatsoever.
I might make it my wall paper.

Very well edited effects. Shame about the low-poly ship model, but it’s good you textured it.

Reminds me of games like Homeworld. Nice editing.

Seriously cool. I love how you edited that debris and wreckage coming from the ship.

Nice Effects and everything
I like this one alot.

I like it.

Looks neat, except that fire wouldn’t look like that in space.

That’s great!

Fuck realism.

In space there wouldn’t be a possibility for a fire at all but whatever, it looked good.


And thanks for the comments everyone.