A nameless Story EP: 1 American Globebombers

Have Fun!
http://img5.imagebanana.com/img/kbmlu2e/thumb/AmericanGlobebombers1.jpg http://img5.imagebanana.com/img/nruhfxsv/thumb/AmericanGlobebomers2.jpg

to be continued

Pretty good dialogue. Interesting cliffhanger. Good photoshopping. Posing could use some tweaking. Overall: Looking forward to the next one.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

btw: Who will find the hidden Easteregg? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it the gman with the crowbar?

I’m very interested in why his apartment blew up. I hope that the next episode explains that.

I fucking liked this MORE

Thanks to all. I hope the next Episode will release soon!

Right :slight_smile:

I see gman with a crowbar