A Nazi Assassin

I don’t really know what to say on this one, it’s more of a concept piece then anything.

Anyway, C&C.


Its pretty nice.

Can’t decide what pic is the best. I liked the first blueish pic, then I liked the last with better contrast, then I liked the first one again… And so on:)

Nice work.

When I visited this thread, the “art” post icon got replaced with your avatar.

Nice work though.

I really like it.

The background kinda clashes with the character, a modern prison and a nazi soldier. I think it needs more than a spotlight filter editingwise. Sure, it’s always good to bring up the character but you can clearly see it’s a spotlight filter.

Looks like wolfenstein nice.

i like it! His swords look like Deathpool’s!

Thanks all, but how is the posing? Aside from the ammo bags clipping, does it need improvement?

Posing is a bit mundane, but it works. That is a proper stand for any knife wielding maniac:)

But if you insist on pickyness, I suggest you draw the arms further back and bend them a bit more. And make both hands fists.

This is cool. I like the editing.