A Nazi in the fog


Holy, that looks like a real image!

Looks like some upcoming WW2 game. :v:

Looks like you took a picture of your back yard and inserted him in it.

Well done, looks like crisis.

I was thinking a screenshot from CoD: World at War 2. :lol:

the gun looks terrible, but the rest looks awesome.


also his helmet is sitting way too high

god dammit uberslug

Thought it said Nazi in a Frog. :saddowns:

Looks cool either way.

The Prairie Dog doesn’t know what’s coming.

Why is he hunting squirrels instead of fighting a war? Btw that squirrel better keeps it head down

Nice none the less :smiley:

Desktop picture now :munch:

Fucking awesome.

Whohoo, my screen res!

Really nice.
Character fits into the picture very well, although this is slightly marred by the the prairie dog thing.
Lighting on parts of the clothing and gear is incredible.
Shame about the model’s crappy hands and some minor clipping in that area.
Underside of his arms are very shaded, but the underside of his legs aren’t especially.
Helmet looks amazing.

As a side note, not all German soldiers were Nazis and, in reference to the prairie dog, has the United States been invaded?

I think that’s an SS trooper, and they were pretty Nazis.

Yeah don’t get confused, you had the German Wehrmacht and the German Waffen SS (Nazis)

From the looks of it I’d say it’s a stormtrooper (sturmtruppen).
Should have a StG44 but ok, I like the posing.


Now, that… is a sexy picture. :v:

You never cease to amaze me, Uberslug.

Uberslug you pose, editing demi god:)

Amazing pic. Have a wood.

Well, thats the power of the mind… and Dx11. Have a palette.

maybe the pics real 0_0

Uhh. No. MP40 was still used by many soldiers Including Sturmtruppen. Haven’t you thought about NCO’s