A nazi super soldier doing what he does best.

Edit and pose by me, don’t ask for the models because I forgot the name :v:. C&C please.

Just listen this…


weird chimney? but i like it :slight_smile: also clipping on sleeve

Horrible sharpen, muzzle is too big, the smoke coming out of the gun is horrible, no motion blur on the shell casings (Cartridges?) and rain is still fucking horrible.

And it’s against all laws of physics to be holding one of those guns, and fucking firing straight

I didn’t make the map, and thanks.


He is a super soldier.


And I used motion blur on the shells.

I say, I’t would’ve been cooler if you used the JIN-Rah model(or blitzkrieg). And they fire from the hip.

That still doesn’t make an excuse for using fucking sharpen

whats with the awful lightning… again… its in every picture you edit… and it looks really bad…

agreeing with Zeraxify…

awaiting ChestyMcGee to come in here and say what he always says

Or, you know, a Wolfenstein model?

The picture looks decent, I say. No need for realism, actually.

Are there wolfenstein models for source?


I remade it, the current one sucks.



this is the only wolfenstein model for garry’s mod as far as I know

“Does what he does best” Use MG42’s as flamethrowers?!

Original picture is pretty damn terrible. Really bad. At least you have managed to realise that.

New picture is better than most of your stuff, but the camera angle is pretty shit and you need to realise that muzzleflashes in sunlight don’t give off light like god-damn flares. You need to tone down your use of the light stool.

Seriously what would be the point? He never listens and as such he will stay barely mediocre for much longer than is totally necessary.

You need to stop posting NIGHT pictures with lighting and shit fucking rain. Secondly, the second picture muzzle flash is bad. Smoke sucks on the MG42, and even if he’s a “super” soldier, you still couldn’t hold a MG42 like a rifle, you’d have to bend your legs back and support the weapon from the hips ex: MoH Airborne MG42 Gasmask soldier.

Lets see you do better, then

Okay when I get my new PC. Also it’s called criticism.

You’ve criticised every pic on this thread so far, mostly using terms such as SHIT, FAIL, DUMB ect. Need I go on?

Look for the past like 4 pictures from Dutch, he’s used the same lighting and rain, and his editing isn’t that great and he doesn’t listen to peoples criticism and continue’s to do it over and over.

I like his poses, hes been around longer than you, and probably has better editing skills than you. Once you get you “new” computer, you will have poses just like the “IM IN LOVE WITH GARRYSMOD <3” thread, so there

:sigh: He told me that my posing was shit and to get out until I pose like Wystan’s pictures when he didn’t even use his, because his aren’t that good and he doesn’t listen to people’s criticism and continuously repeat it over and over, now i’m going to ignore you.

That anything that isn’t his own is “second rate” and anything that isn’t photoshopped is “suckish”?

But i think your pic would’ve looked better without the all the photorape to it, remove the rain, remove the sharpen, and seriously reduce the muzzleflash and it would look much better.


… Since when did guns shoot powder?