A necromancer using some nifty tricks against his opponents

Oh yeah baby!
Yeah I dunno what I was doing here, 1 min pose 5 min edit :S


yeah I uploaded wrong pic, but its fixed now

Nice edit.

“LOL I SLASH U!!!11!”
“Oh, really, my good sir?”

Omg he gawt oWnde.

Nice work man, epic :3

Imagine if he does that with your balls :open_mouth:

Poor knight guy.

Very nice, but you should add some brainpieces.


oh yeah I forgot the brain pieces

It looks unfinished

I uploaded the originals incase any of you want to try your hand at editing it You are more than welcome :3

Woah. The moderator of the screenshots section commenting on a thread in the screenshots section… who isn’t Uberslug… and the comment actually makes sense and is relevant to the picture in the opening post? I’m impressed.