A Neotokyo pose

Here it is

what’s with the shitty lighting

the light is coming from behind, not his side. looks like someone is beaming a spotlight on him

blood looks like crap

no you’re wrong

Wasnt this by ChestyMcGee and he posted this like 3 days ago

Yes, it was.
Quickly! rate him disagree!

Yay proof!

Yeah I dont get this


Oh great one of those fags from Facepunch who thinks that their shit is actually worth something and has a legal copyright on it. As if I’m going to take it down just because I didn’t put him in the credits. No one cares that he made the pose, no one thinks that I made the pose (and they wouldn’t care even if I did), I only want the pose to look at it’s not like I’m saying I made the damn thing so get up off your throne and think for a second; does anybody actually give a shit?

I think he just did it as payback just cause he wasn’t credited in a realese, then chesty explain, he disregarded it and made pathetic comeback



I like how people are up in arms about a shitty ragdoll pose that took 5 minutes but a gun model that took weeks is ‘who gives a shit?’

As you said in your other thread, So why do you basicly repost/rethread Chesty’s pose, did you had permission? And even if you had, it would be pointless to repost an awesome pose.

-snip- -snip-

Ask Chesty why it’s okay for people to throw around something I worked hard on without any attribution to my name or any respect whatsoever

The difference is, Wystan never claimed he created the Thompson.

Do you really think Chesty doesn’t make hard work of this? Do you actually know how hard it is to pose and edit a picture to make it good? And still, you don’t credit Chesty for the pose in OP. So basicly your doing the same as Wystan is doing atm, which is both wrong of Wystan(For the model) and You(Pose).

I never claimed I made this pose

He didn’t have permission it was just one childish and useless revenge.

Exactly. He never claimed he made the thompson. If he did, Colada would be raging around wystan.

This discussion is getting fucking stupid.


And he thinks he can get away from it

You don’t claim this pose, Wystan doesn’t claim the model either. Your actually doing the same as Wystan. (That means your doing the thing that pisses you off and the reason you did this, creating a endless cycle)

Nobody ever got my permission to fuck my Thompson in the ass and not give me any credit. And they think they can get away from it.


that’s the point, dumbass

I’m proving to them how wrong they are