A New Dawn (ME3)

A bit of a rubbish title, but it’s supposed to be an alternate ending to Mass Effect 3.

Some of the posing is a bit off, but I really like the concept!

The lighting is a bit underwhelming compared to what you can expect from Bioware, but it’s not too bad.

this is so funny

Thanks man, I’ll keep practicing. :smile:

May I ask how?

Battlestar Galactica anyone?

A better ending than the original ones and great picture

Good concept.

A lot of people are laughing about how the most biofans want one single thing from their ending to make it amazing, awesome and who knows what else. Ending up with their LI, even if the rest of the world is shot to hell.

Don’t know if this is what he finds funny or not. But the confirmation of exactly that is what I find funny.

A turkish ripoff of Plan 9 from Outer Space would be better than ME3’s ending, so that’s not exactly an accomplishment.

As for the picture, the lighting is really uninteresting, and it kinda reeks of fanboy drivel.