A new Deathrun server

Hey there, announcing that there’s a new Deathrun server on the block! It comes equipped with fastdownload, and handles very nicely :v:

But seriously, if you want a fun game somewhere that’s enjoyable with a nice bunch of people, feel free to join: (or click here )


Also, this is something freshly scripted, so it loads fast, moves fast and well, is fast :v:

Hope to see you there.

Teddi, I love you. The game mode runs really really smoothly and everything is bzipped so you’re going to get some fresh download speeds. Guaranteed.

hmm, i’ve always wanted to try deathrun on gmod. i have before, but the experience could have been better. anyways, i’m definitely gonna try the server once i get back from my vacation :smiley:

Hmm, I still prefer Sassilization.

It’s not finished, we’re still getting a few things out. I do admit there are some rather random bugs on it though :v:

Your click to join button isn’t right.

It’s steam://connect/ . Not steam:// .


Teddi, I absolutely love your server. Probably one of the better ones I’ve played on, and it’s always got a decent amount of people.


Theres the link for it.

Thanks to those pointing out the button was broke, my bad :v:. Fixed now.

Cool. Unfortunetly Sassilization Owns the Deathrun and Climb on Gmod… Good luck with this though. add some unique things to it to make it its own.

…They dont own it. They have the most players because they already have a working community, and spacetech + sass are working together on it (I think ??).

Teddi, your server is lag free and with a few changes could be very good. At this time however, it simply does not interest me like sass deathrun does. It’s not just the hats and trails, your gamemode just feels lacking.

Good luck with it!.