A new Definition of the Acronym S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Howdy Folks :clint:
… and Happy 500 Post to me.

Okay, without much of delay, let’s hit you with it straight in the Face. :buddy:



**Be honest, you were excpecting something different now, weren’t you ? ** :unsmigghh:

Don’t ask, where I got the idea for that.
One day, it just hit me and I started preperations for this project.

At first, I wanted to put my “Definition” on the Screenshot but it was too much text for it and so I seperated it as an extra Line.

As allways:
Please leave a comment, a rating or some critisism here.
It took me a while to finish this crap so I’d really appreciate some comments.

Oh and if you want to criticize my fog effect, please keep in mind, that it was my first try.
Thank You :love:

No, actually I was expecting something just like this.
But its cool.


To be honest I don’t really care for this sort of “sexy” stuff in Gmod. I’m not exactly gripped by pixels. Original idea though I guess.


… wat

I expected completely different, yes.

I don’t see how this sort of stuff is any different from real life pictures… it’s still adultery kind of stuff, even if you can tell that it is fake.

what is this new animated avatar from?

You do realize adultery is cheating on your spouse, not women posing with guns, right?

so,if you sleep with a chick with a gun,you won’t cheat your wife?

Uhm … :confused:

Would you be so kind and focus more on the pic.
That would be really kind of you.
I’ve busted my head for this project, even though my focus was more on the “Joke” with the acronym, rather than the chick.

I just spent about ten minutes trying to think of other “sexy” puns to apply to Clear Sky and Pripyat.

Thanks a bunch. D:

Needs smaller bikini and… Nah kidding.

I like it. Got a nice misty atmosphere. Not a very realistic fog, but it works for the picture. Posing is decent. Although I would have put her finger on the trigger.

I take it that is blonde Elexis.

No. STALKER has no women, at all. Bloodfuckers only.

Quit being silly she wouldn’t last a minute in The Zone dressed like that.

sounds gay, made me lol

Busted your head? All you did was think up any word relating to horny women that started with those letters. Not exactly head busting material.

Oh, and no, I expected something exactly like this.

Yes but looking at another women in lust is adultry

You obviously never played stalker then.

But you don’t understand the irony of this picture.
I made it this way BECAUSE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is such a Sausage-Fest.
That is also one reason, why I came up with this kind of Acronym Definition. I could have taken a drink & or even food theme but this felt more ironic.

You’re welcome :wink:
Oh and how about “Call of Prettyjat” ?

@Masterfgh & ChestyMcGee:
Damn, I’ve become predictable.
Ok, the next project is going to be something different again.
(or at least, less feminine. )