A New Engine for Gmod

Okay, the Source engine is crap. Am I right? So why doesn’t Garry ask around for one? It’s not as simple as “asking”, but I think that an evolving game should never have limitations like static water or un-dentable furniture. Imagine if Garry’s Mod merged with the Red Faction game’s engine. That would be awesome to the extremes.

But anyway, that’s just my opinion. If you can’t make it, beg others.

I couldnt even think of anything to say about this…

Not going to happen…

You say it like it would be some sort of smooth operation with no road bumps whatsoever.

Plus, Garry has a lot of ties with Valve, (Money, the source code for the engine, etc.,) I doubt he’d just throw that all away.

If he ever changes to anything else, it’ll probably be to the EP3 Engine.

You realize valve updates the source engine, right? And no game engine within 15 years will have realistic dynamic water.

People have to realize that the main reason people love gMod so much, is that it requires very low specs to run. This allows the mod to be reachable to everyone. The source engine has it’s limits, but I don’t think a new engine would solve anything. We would have no maps, no props, no textures, no gamemodes, and fewer compatible computers. If you want a mod on your own special engine, go do it yourself.


Piss off, the Source Engine is awesome. Just because it’s old now doesn’t make it crap.

Damn kids with their Rage engine and their UT3 engine.

This issue came up a lot when GMod first came to be, especially with the CryEngine and its Sandbox Editor. I seem to remember Garry saying (and I paraphrase) “Stuff that”. So I wouldn’t hold out hope that for all the technical reasons in the world he would consider it after creating what he has on such an established medium after so long.

I’m sorry, but play Resistance 2 and tell me that again.

For the rest of you, don’t get pissy because I made a suggestion. I did state that it would be harder than simply asking, and I realize that I didn’t have the thought of Valve’s ties with Garry at the moment.

i stopped reading when he said the source engine is crap
lets see you do better faggot


PROTIP EDUCATED ESTIMATION: EP3 will be using the Left 4 Dead engine, as will Left 4 Dead 2. Portal 2 will be anounced along with EP3 and a massive add-on for TF2. This will be released as the “Red Box”, and all Source Games will be updated to the New L4D engine (Including HL2 TF2, Portal), allowing Garry to update GMOD to the new engine. There, done, epic, win.

machk i love you thanks for telling me

:hurr: No…wherever you got your information from is most likely wrong. The L4D engine isn’t even from the main trunk of Source (hence why lower end PC’s have trouble with it). Ep3 has to be able to run on roughly the same specs as Ep2, which the L4D engine doesn’t do well. So they would not use that engine for Ep3.

Portal 2 will more than likely run on the Ep3 engine just like Portal ran on the Ep2, and we already know about L4D2 running a enhanced L4D engine. The TF2 update was only adding BITS of the L4D engine, not most of it, just small things like networking and some model and shader improvements. VALVe probably won’t add any more than that for the same reason they probably won’t use the L4D engine in Ep3.

And Garry has said he will more than likely move to the Ep3 engine multiple times. But there is almost no way in hell VALVe will use the L4D engine for Ep3. Also I doubt they will call it the Red Box, not after what happened on here with some kid, a copy of Game Maker, and a whole host of shit games. They do read these forums y’know, and after that diabolical attempt and game production, I don’t think they will go near that name.

Uh, it’s an estimation. They’re going to bundle the games and, the point is games develop based on newer computer specs (Point in Trying to run Crysis on a 128 MB card) The l4D engine is good when you have a computer to run it on, so therefore, I’m assuming EP3 will use the newer version of the Source engine.

Yeah I really meant to edit that to take into account that you said it was a estimation, I just couldn’t be asked…anyways. VALVe themselves do say that they want to have people who could run Hl2 running all the episodes, so they don’t develop the engine like a normal developer, they keep it in such a way that low end machines can still run it, which does mean higher end ones get some sacrifice. L4D is the odd one out as it isn’t part of Hl2, so Turtle Rock (worked for VALVe) modified the engine to run on more modern machines. If they did use it for Ep3 they could lose a small portion of players, which they really don’t want.

Damn I just realized how assholey that last post I made was…

I want the specs to be kept low. I have a decent 5 year old computer. I don’t want my gMod slow.

He is going to change to the L4D engine.

Sorry to break your heart, but it will absolutely never happen.

Resistance 2 is not a modifiable engine.

Garry’s mod is built on source, because source is a very versatile, and moddable engine. It makes coding easier, implementation of LUA easier, and it is available to almost anybody.

The source engine is not crap. It’s a tad out dated but not crap, They are constantly updating it anyway.
Also garry’s mod being converted to the RF engine would take like a year or two. With all the coding to do.