A new free texture website?

I just noticed that CGTextures recently (within the last week) set up an account system and is no longer (as far as I know they used to) allowing people to release their images as textures in maps or in texture packs, even if modified. So I wanted to know if anyone else has a good website which does allow their images to be redistributed (I guess that would make it a website with open-source textures?).

That said, links to websites with Textures and not Texture packs would be appreciated.

Worst comes to worst, I can take my DSLR outside and take some photos to use as textures…

Well that’s lame. :frowning:

However, I don’t think there would be an legal issue of you using a texture (and modifying it) and using it in your map. I think you’ll be fine as long as: You don’t charge for the map (Which you can’t anyways based on the Source SDK liscence) and B, give credit to CGTextures in the readme.

well that makes sense… I guess they meant charging for textures. Now back to CGTextures for my sand texture :v:

Heh, who gives a shit what they say you can and can’t do, nearly all of their textures are uploaded by the community, so it’s not even their call.

I lol’d

hmmm… a free texture site… let me try freetexturesite.com

The liscence agreements haven’t changed on cgtextures. It is simply that someone was using proxies and costing the guy a fortune. The accounts are free and have a 25 textures a day limit on them.

25 textures or 15mb .

ah, got it. I thought there was a change in policy when it made me check a box next to “you are not allowed to distribute any textures, modified or not, as textures or in a texture pack”

Well…not according to the FAQ. He has simply changed accounts policy to stop some retard dowloading thousands of textures a day via proxies.

Haha, using Google is not a bad idea actually. As long as you know how to convert them.

You have to convert textures from any other texture site too…

Here: http://forums.l4dmaps.net/f6/sites-where-you-can-take-textures-t193.html

I love you.

Epic post w/ link is epic. ;D
I’ve been looking for some new textures, and you’ve just solved my “searching block”. ;D