A new fresh server located in Europe/Sweden. Rare c4!200slots English in chat.

[EU] Mad Monkeys PvP-Server C4-Rare (Scandinavian / English in chat)
Hi! The new Mad Monkeys PvP-Server is looking for more players!

The server is located in Stockholm, Sweden and has Oxide installed.
It also has other plugins installed, such as: Cheatpunch, Door Sharing, Oxmin,
NUDITY on this server is ALWAYS on, Be warned, this will be a sausage fest!

C4 is craftable but explosives are not, instead its obtained through airdrops. c4 can drop from red animals and lootchests.
This is an attempt to control the amount of c4 on the server, we want raiding to be part of the game. But we want to get rid off the “blow a door/wall because I have an excess amount of c4”.

Airdrops is for the moment set to 15 players once every other (ingame) day.

We have three very active admins who will not abuse their maker given power. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask.

We will have different events a couple of times a week. For example we might build a big metal base and inside it there will be tressure. Then a server wide message will go out with its location. Other times there might be arena battles where the last man standing gets a prize.

We are constantly looking for new mods and ways to upgrade our system and making our server to be the best gaming experience for all our players!

To join our server, start the game, press F1 and type: net.connect

Best Regards, The Mad Monkey Crew!