A new gamemode suggestion. - American Occupation Roleplay

Think about it… A combo of DarkRP, its actually based on DarkRP, with crafting.

The game mode will be American Occupation Roleplay. It will be world war 3, when iran nukes europe.
The USA takes over Iran, and they are the enforcers. They will rule Iran.


*** EMT** - Heal people, revive and so. They also work in association with the americans. - gets healing kit

*** Private,** .Pvt - Lowest rank of police. Compareable to CP in DarkRP. - Gets bomb defusal kit, UMP, Arrest baton,Ram, Riot shield.

*** Sergeant, .Sgt** - Takes orders from the WO, LT, they work together with the Privates in raids, etc. - Gets bomb defusal kit, UMP, USP, Arrest baton, Unarrest baton, Ram, Riot shield.

*** Warrant officer, .WO,** They kick in when the Sgt, Pvt can’t do their job. They will be more armed. - Gets M16, USP, Arrest baton, Unarrest baton, bomb defusal kit, Ram, Riot shield.

*** First Lieutenant , .LT,** They are suppose to guard the general. Gets M16, USP, Arrest baton, Unarrest baton, bomb defusal kit, Ram, Riot shield, C4.

******* General** - Sets the rules, like mayor. - Gets a USP.

Enough of goverment workers; lets get to the rest.

*** Citizen **- They will do nothing, or they will, but quietly.

*** Islamic Revolution Rebels **- These guys will be rebels. They may not RDM, but they may terrorize the city.

*** Spy **- may choose an american model, and work for the IRR.

*** IRR Leader,** can use maybe the model of Bin Laden, that can be cool. He is giving orders to the IRR, and anyone may kill him as he sees him. Same thing applies to the general.

**How do i make money here?
Pretty simple. You grow weed, pack it, then literally putting it in a shipment and pocket it. You go to the drug dealer NPC, which is IRR aswell ofcourse. You can make money either like that, or print money. You drop the money into the prop, and it starts printing dollars, like duplicating it.

**How do i get Firearms if i have no Gun Dealer?
Well, only guns like AK47, IDF Defender and shit like that will be obtainable for terrorists. You craft them by buying items from the general store, or crafting these items by yourself. You have crafting levels and skills, you do have a chance of blowing the shit out of yourself if you are a low level, etc.

List of craftable items:

Car bombs, can be installed on your personal car which u can buy. If americans search it with the Checker, they will find it.
Suicide Bomb, can be worn, no one can see it, but if you’re checked, you’re fucked. ~ (This would probably cause RDMfests, dont know if it should be in.)
Smoke Nades
(Suggest some more if you can)
Keypad Cracker

Can’t think of other shit right now, if you’ve got some, post it. I’ve been just thinking maybe i would suggest it and see what people think.

Dark… RP? Why are you going to use that as the base yet you can just code it from scratch?

Why does everyone think RP always has to be DarkRP Edit.

I don’t even…

HL2 RP is bad enough without it being Dark RP and an attempt to set it in the real world. This reeks of fail.

Why do you have to turn every damn thing on the internet into “RP”? By putting RP at the end of the name of any gamemode doesn’t mean it’s actual RP. DarkRP is an alwful base and your gamemode sounds like DoD/CSS/CS:GO/TF2 RP.

I may make this from scratch, not DarkRP (You guys know why). It sounds like a decent idea, if you added the ability to make rebel groups if you are a certain level and whatnot.

yes lets make a new gamemode called “rick perry rp”

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where everyone is a hardcore christian and theres also athiests who get killed and the hardcore christians get money for it

Darkrp…? I would rather pay a good lua scripter to at least work on a Hl2rp script then edit into a war-RP. I suggest looking in the lua forums if you are wanting to find some Lua Kings.

Sounds like a super realistic gamemode, But i think it needs something… Something like aliens from inner earth?

Title is misleading. Thought you’d RP the “Occupy Movements” in which we all play a bunch of whiny hipsters who police pepper spray.

lets have gulf oil spill rp

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where you clean birds and stuff

I want a GTA4 rp. I feel like bowling with my cousin.

FacepunchRP is best RP.


Let’s have sawmill RP. There’s a sawmill, you come and get your head cut off… FOR FREE!

let’s have 9/11 rp, you fly plane into buildings… FOR FREE!

Dude it’s not “based on DarkRP”, just like most things aren’t “heavily modified”, or “extensively edited”. It IS DarkRP, the sole difference between this and DarkRP is that crafting crap, which doesn’t really entitle you to say that it ain’t DarkRP, or that it’s slightly like it or whatever.

Recipie Book:

Sandbox + Guns + 5-12 year old playerbase = DarkRP
DarkRP + More Guns + Niggers + Muslims + US Army Soldiers = American Occupation RP

Sounds like your kinda thing :stuck_out_tongue: