A new gamemode!

A new gamemode made by Fades and Comedic Cat.

I am Comedic Cat.

Here you go!

Please read it.

You already set a price on something that is currently only an idea :v:

That is just an estimate. If it has more than that. We will higher it. If it’s worth less, we will lower it.

So have you actually started on the coding or is it just a concept right now?

He doesn’t even really have a concept down. It’s just a few material ideas and that’s about it.

Lol. The concept is about being creative with your weapons.

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Yes, we’ve started on the coding,

Garry’s Mod is in a state where very little gamemodes get off the ground and survive as it is, making people pay to either host or play is a dreadful idea and significantly limits any chance of popularity.