A new gang in Downtown

a posing i made to experiment with photo filter.


ps. any one know any good photoshop tutorials for muzzleflash blood etc.


Graphics need improving. Other than that it aint so bad.

watch in full size its soo much better

copy the text below and remove the * at the beginning. Now paste it in your first post.

I did… Try to think at least.

You use GIMP or Photoshop mate?
BTW nice pic :stuck_out_tongue: Graphics need some upgrading.

I think that answers your question.

Stupid me, forgive my dumb reading.
Feel free to rate me bad reading or dumb lol

Rated my self bad reading…

About the tutorials…
There are some good photoshop tutorials on some of those subjects mate.
Just scroll down to the part where it says “Comic Tutorials”.

I thought the lighting looked pretty good.

Dont act like a douchbag, he is trying to be polite.

santz thanks for the link.


well about the graphics, full screen or not i think i should turn up the graphics ingame. i have a brand new comp. so full quality shouldt be hard to manage

I really like the idea to it :smiley: The only problems I saw were:

  1. Just a little too much smoke, tbh :\
  2. The middle guy’s legs, I think, should be spread just a bit more
  3. The guy on the right’s face looks odd, not exactly sure how to explain it xD.

But still, the posing on the left guy was good :smiley: and the right guy too. :o