A New Garrysmod Community/Clan

First of all, Im sorry if this is in the wrong section but i couldnt find anywhere to place this.

I was thinking about make a new Garrysmod Community/Clan with fellow members of Facepunch. I will be able to supplie a server with 32 slots and any gamemode that sounds good (Custom if needed). I was wondering if anyone else wants to help with the Group and start one with me.

It will need:

Lua Coders (Basic Knodglege) - Me So Far
Website Designer - Noone
Staff - Manager, Admins, etc
Modeller - Not needed loads
Mapper - Maybe ( Depends on gamemode)

I will be helping rather than people doing if for me and i hope that people will join and we can create a succesfull community.



I do not understand this thread.


Oh look, another one of these. Let’s hope this one goes better than PLAZMACHARGe Studios.

I would be willing to help, I have knowledge with html and I’m fairly skilled at css and php. I also know quite a bit about administering servers and maintaining servers, as well as a little bit of mapping, though I’m sure anyone can beat my mapping skills.

This is a forum where you can suggest things to Garry to implement in GMod, not a place for your shitty clan ideas.