A new Gmod Film: Rooftop Gambler

I make alot of films, and just thought Id share this one.
Its pretty good, and the ending is probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

Thats link ^^^^^

So, yeah.

Wrong section.
Bad angles.
You’re shooting NPCs.
I didn’t get a thing.

My God, were you even paying attention to the thriving plot?

My God, were you even paying attention that this is screenshots not the movie section?

Wrong section
Terrible Cinematography
Makes no sense
Is just terrible in general

So, yeah. Possible lesson for you to learn here?


Dont be so hard on him its probably his first attempted at a movie

Its not a movie, its a short film.
I do not attempt movies. I attempt short films.

And you people are too harsh on it.
The entire thing is full of humor.
The only serious thing in it is the ending, which is pretty epic due to music.

What humor.

I fail to see a thriving plot and/or humor. :saddowns: Were not being harsh, we are providing constructive criticism. I suggest you take your videos else where if you can’t take it.

I for one kinda get the story.
But you ruined it for me by saying “Its has an epic ending, its really good etc…”
The camera angels and posing were pretty bad, get that Dynamic camera addon.
And the beginning was very cheap, constant looping of the same sound and a walking angle.
And you said its full of humor? I spotted none.

I would give it 2 stars but you started to praise your own work, which is a thing I hate unless its really as good as you say. Therefore 1 star, sorry.

  1. It’s called criticism, take it and use it.
  2. It wasn’t. Not a single second of it made me laugh. At all.
  3. No it isn’t.

Work on your angles, actually have a plot next time, don’t use NPCs, and work on your posing. And next time put it in the Videos section, it’s there for a reason.

I loved it, i really did, except for a few angle and fact that you used npcs, i found it rather good.

a little random,but i liked the way that headcrab flew.