A new hack program

So I guess there’s a new program that lets users see your items thru walls, lets you loot items thru walls, shoot thru walls and I guess dupe. There was a thread earlier about a guy using the program and live streaming it. I watched it briefly, if you ever played wow and used the program that added in quest markers and such its very similar it apparently tracks, items, zombies, players and animals. I was just on US Central 3 and a guy who had been on a day or so ago who was killing everyone then who I just assumed was a good shot at the time is definately using it. I heard a ton of explosions in his base above mine and went up to check by the time I got up there I had heard either 40 c4 or grenades go off. Well I killed one gut and then got killed by the owner Post Apocolyptic Rapist. I assumed he logged on and stopped the raid. Well as soon as I re spawn I hear explosions all around from c4 and on my base well they used 6 on my base and I was trying to see who it was well I came around behind chris who had gotten to my loot room and at the time was using c4 on my work bench. The whole time I hear c4 at 2 bases by mine in the range of 30 well I suit up go on my roof and see 2 kev’s just blowing up every wall in sight. As soon as they turned my way I was instantly head shot. I jumped back in base and heard the coming. They were like don’t worry we will take everything we see you hiding in the stairwell which I was but its walled off so they shouldn’t see from outside. He was like what you think your gonna shoot me I’m a hacker you can’t and then shot me thru the wall. Well I waited at my next base and heard them straight blowing stuff up for the next 10 minutes before I Logged. The shooter the second time was again post apocalyptic.

My question is does anybody have a similar experience and is there a way to block them from seeing you with this program like if your behind 2 walls can they shoot thru? Does metal walls matter ? I was in a wood base. Can you hide your items in a specific container they don’t see? I’m assuming they will get VAC banned but until then I’m trying to determine a way to make the game playable.

not as bad as that… some ppl are just plain stupid :slight_smile:

Only losers are using cheats, it’s really sad that losers don’t know how to play fair, but I guess thats why they are losers :confused:

But I’m sure Facepunch is punishing them at some point.

sad to see so many hackers : / just ran into one a moment ago.

Seems this is one of those games where all the people with minecraft clients think its going to be ok to come this way.

on NA 4 there is a player named “Rape” that constructed a 500+ story staircase.

He also constructed a 5x5x20 wood base near rad town. He sits in it and aimbot headshots anyone who walks past his window.

The guy is about 3 pink pixels from my view, yet he was able to headshot me 4x in a row (I respawned many times to test).

There was also a GIGANTIC metal foundation grid constructed in the last hour. (At least 30x30)

There are clearly dupes and aimbots being used hardcore on NA 4.

Facepunch is garbage offcial servers are run by hackers now

I cant wait till the Holiday period is over and Garry’s Team will sort out these problems, I have not been able to play in days, I cant even connect to servers which I have buildings in. I would be happy when the single player is available and I can hunt without having to mimic a paranoid squirrel getting resources

I can’t wait till all those kids get banned.

10 copper says vac does nothing! i would think its easy to ban the people that vac detects, given that the people that vac detects will get banned supposedly. so why not do it as they are added to the list?

there being no hacking countermeasures in play is one reason :frowning:

Cheats/Hacks are the only thing that can bring down a game.

Hopefully they will do something about all of this, because if this continues I’m positive not a lot of people will continue to play this game.

got a hacker on uk 2 Fanatic: Also just for your info Garry is lying. VAC isn’t enabled. We know that for a fact.
WOLFYO: we ?
WOLFYO: hackers ?
Fanatic: www.artificialaiming.net
Fanatic: Feel free to buy the hack, it’s very nice.
Fanatic: Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Looting through walls, duping etc.

thats were they are geting there hacks

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they are buiying hacks for this game i dont understand

can you please remove the site, this doesn’t really help.

Can you please get off the forums, stop spamming and READ about how does VAC work before you start spewing bullcrap on the boards?

the way VAC was explained to me probably year ago by a friend of mine who writes cheats for source games for personal use (i don’t endorse it), vac doesnt ban straight away, it makes a log when a user has been naughty, then it waits a while ( usually a few weeks) then bans them
the reason for doing this (as it was explained to me) is to make it harder for the writers of the codes to determine what exactly triggered them to be banned, what exactly vac detected, if they change something small in the code, then they run it on a server, and are immediately banned, it’s obvious how to fix it

with that said, i know there are ALOT of hacks that VAC won’t detect if they are written correctly (something about injected hacks only triggering it? i don’t remember), things that can be made to work (atleast in source games) were crit hacks, speed hacks, aimbots, the whole thing, i know this because this friend of mine (and his friend) used them all the time, and have never been banned

a few weeks thats not very good lol

Central 3 server is broken. One group with unlimited C4. Just built huge metal structure in one day and are half way done with their metal “wall of china” surrounding the entire valley.

The game is failing hard. Look around at some gaming community sites. It is well klnown that this game has all but officially failed due to the soft core stance on cheating.

It is soo obvious who is doing it. At least monitor the official servers lol…wtf.