A new hack?

Hey, I know it’s kind of a sensationalist topic post although this is something I haven’t really seen reported on and it’s quite relevant and needs to be brought to the attention of the developers.

Recently my group was counter raided by a hacker (he was a part of the group we were raiding but an alternative steam group) reports were made but difficult due to constant name changing but his particular method of counter raiding and the actions he took after are noteworthy. I couldn’t find any more information related to this and it’s a lot more destructive than aimbot or ESP.

Now what is happening may not seem obvious and I wouldn’t have really realized if I did not experience this first hand. What is happening in this video is the hackers are seemingly using bows at an incredibly fast rate to break down any door or form of wall, on top of this they are seemingly able to shoot through walls. When we were originally counter raided we were all killed from angles that were literally not possible and when we respawned we had 10 arrows in us each which should not have happened. This proceeded to escalate to the point at which the hacker destroyed our tool cupboards with bows from outside the base and essentially removed us from existence by bow raiding through all our doors in under a minute.

Note that that video is not recorded by myself but another member of Facepunch Sydney 2 in which this happened to us by the same group.

So that’s all I have to say, I’m not sure if this hack is very well documented and I know the evidence isn’t 100% clear but it’s the best I have got and I’m sorry if it’s well known but I felt I had to do something as it made our entire group quit an otherwise perfect server.

Idk what they are doing to get pass your doors but you are lagging out hard core

Seen this even 2 wipes ago, guy destroyed half of the map before been banned on official server.

Not my video but yes the person is lagging out.

I think it’s because the amount of arrows being fired in such a short period of time, the amount of entities and particles generated by that suck a lot.

I covered what they were doing in the post though, they are firing bows around 100 times a second if not more which destroys the doors easily. If you listen you’ll notice the sound is that of arrows breaking but around 100 simultaneously.

That would mean they have a shit ton of ammo with them

Probably not, maybe lag switching or something so that they trick the server into thinking they fired way more than they did

Probably, but getting 5k stone and 10k wood is a lot easier than the 15 C4 that was needed to raid our main base.


“The game is only $13 at the moment? I wonder why.”

  • The Youtube Video description.

So salty. Play something else m8.

I don’t know, it’s understandable to be salty when an entire groups work can be erased by a single individual within a matter of seconds because of a hacker.

Old cheat from way back in other games. Called it “Winchester” after a shotgun. Basically it allowed you to shoot more than 1 bullet at a time. So they’d increase the number to 10 (or 1000) and firing 1 shot fires 10. They are just so dumb to do it with a weapon that shows evidence of it being used. Well, they are dumb to need to cheat, but ya get me…

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Some freaky stuff, to be sure.

The video description does come from a place of salt, but it is frustrating when this shit happens. The game should cost way more. It would go a long way to helping the hacking problem.

You only need 1 ammo to fire 1000 apparently… Arrows, Bullets, Rockets… Sad days for Rust… :cry: