A new http system like on garry’s mod?

There will be an http request system like on garry’s mod I explain on garry’s mod there to http.fetch , http.post, http this will also be on s&box?

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I believe you will be able to use much more advanced network system with c# libraries.


Is the C# environment for addons without any restrictions?

In GLua we had restriction, because of those Lua malwares we had back in GMod 9 times. There were restrictions in those areas:

  • File access and IO.
  • Sandboxed or removed functions which are dangerous/powerful in vanilla Lua.
  • No ability to ship binary modules via server download or Workshop.
  • Seperat Lua download to cache for clientside Lua from servers.

With this background I doubt that addons will be able to access the whole C# ecosystem, let alone third party libraries without restrictions. Although, I can imagine that C# provides sophisticated functionalities to create safe sandboxed environments without being too restrictive.

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You might wanna read this:

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Under these circumstances I don’t thing it would be the best advice, to throw random libraries around when some asks for something to be added in the game. Because those libraries might be blocked from working in the specific s&box environments.

I guess there would be three options for Garry to handle it:
1.) Build a game specific libraries that does the requested things. That might cause a “reinventing the wheel”-problem.
2.) Whitelist everything that other libraries and all their dependencies need to work. This might be unsafe.
3.) Reject the request or show workarounds.

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System.Net.Http is not a ‘random library’, it is a bog-standard C# library usable in any modern application.
It is pointless to speculate about what libs will/won’t be blocked until later in development when the devs make their stance clear.