A new hud?

Hey, I got a new hud and menu background image… I was downloading some addons and then when I went on it was changed (also the hands are changed from gloves to actual hands) It’s alot shittier and doesn’t show how much ammo left, so is it something for everyone or just me?

I have figured out that it’s the Fear Hud addon… I deleted that from addons folder which is where the fear hud folder was and nothing changed. I checked other folders as to where a file from it could be but found nothing… so right now the hud is Fear Hud but without it’s files… How do I change it back to default?

Clean your Gmod. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Cleaning_GMod

Thanks, I think I somehow managed to delete it by downloading a new random hud and then deleting the new one… which brought me back to the default :smiley:
Also, if I rename my GMOD folder and start gmod… it starts a new gmod folder with no addons… If I rename that into something random after and rename the one with all the addons back to “Garrysmod” will it let me switch between a Gmod with addons and a Gmod with no addons?