A New Life For Role Play


I’m now working on my new map and mod called “Role Play Union” (For Union Servers)

Its a map based on role play with custom textures and sounds and also models (and re-textures of models), with allot of ideas. Its about at 5% finish for now, I’m using the hl2ep2 textures.
I need help from you guys,

What i need is :

A good mapper with the knowledge of lua scripts in maps.
Lua script knowledge
additional modeler
And anything you want to work on this project :smiley:

Screenshot (in Hammer Sdk). (this is what i already did today)


My site : http://www.unionservers.com/
Forums : http://www.forums.unionservers.com/
Donate : http://www.unionservers.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=58&Itemid=56

Note: This is a non-profit organisation, all income is used for servers and resources

Please be polite, and tell me what can i improve, Thanks

Looks okay…

That’s all I can say for now.

Thanks, stay tune for news

Looks uhhhmmm let’s say… interesting?

Could you not have uploaded the images to a proper image host and use [noparse][/noparse] tags? I really can’t be bothered to navigate away from my page just to see a map. Oh and don’t expect any donations or assistance (or much anyway), as most of FP’s coders and modelers are usually wrapped up in their own projects and don’t have any time to spare.

I want custom road texture.

Last picture reminds me of rp_evocity_v2d.

Hell I’m throwin’ this out here but was that your inspiration?

uhh so far there really isn’t much to look at other then just the out side of what looks to be a gas station. I would really suggest making more and actually taking “In-Game” screen-shots of the things.