A new loot system instead of the radiation

so i was really bothered when rust developers told us that they gonna switch the system, and then i thoght about it, it is a good descision after all, the rad system wasnt balanced at all…
then i started thinking about an alternate system, and i came up with one, that i think will balance the game a LOT.


radtown and roads and maps will stay the same, but radiation will be removed.
now there will be 3 loot tiers:

  • TIER-0: this tier items will be found in barrel, as been until now, barrels will be found near radtowns and roades, and even near nonradiactive places (lighthouse, satelight dish, warehouse, etc.)
    it will include simple clothing, bone and wood armor, and some basic tools.
    *TIER-1: this tier will be found in “Crates” that will spawn in around 6-8 places in each radtown, the crates will need simple key to unlock. simple key is recived from barrels and require metal fragments to be crafted, it is not known by default.
    this tier includes the meele weapons, crosbows, oil refinery, large furnace, road sing armor, metal tools and baisiclly everything that is created from metal fragments.
    *TIER-2 : in each radtown there will be 1-2 “Armored Crates” that will need advanced key to unlock, advanced key is drop from Crates and require HQM to craft.
    this tier includes: Firearms, metal armor, armored tier armors, quarrys, pampjacks and simply everything made from HQM.
    In addition, in the armored crates there will be found the “Lockpick”, a tool, crafted from HQM and it will open Crates and lose durability at the process (he will not open armored crates).
    thats it, i think this system is balanced, it is not a paint in the ass, and there is no chance that fresh spawns will get ak as first drop.

pls tell me any improvment advices, i hope you like it.


They shouldn’t make loot tier based, all that will happen is large clans will shoot freshspawns that try to get any sort of equipment, thus eliminating the possibility of having more rival clans. What they need to do is de-centralize loot spawns, and make blueprints common, or remove blueprints completely and make radtowns spawn anything from resources to food to tools to guns and armour.

But in youre system fresh spaws could get ak, im sure if ceterilizing the loot is good or not, but for sure, the key system will get you loot step by step, and you will have more chance to get the item youre looking for because you will know what tier to farm

The problem with the current system is the amount of farming you have to do to get blueprints, your suggestion doesn’t solve that. All it does is it elongates the process of getting anywhere because instead of just waiting for a specific box to spawn, now you have to get the lower tiers to unlock the higher tiers. Again, what’s stopping a clan from setting up camp at any one of those tier box spawns, or around a radtown in general and eliminating all that go there while snatching all the swag?

In the current system freshspawns can get AK’s also and somehow the world doesn’t end.
With de-centralized loot everyone is on the same playing field; anyone can get anything anywhere

The bp system is being reworked, let’s see what they come up with first.

maybe we can use the progressive learning…

I mean, every time we repair an object we learn something more, until we know so well that object and we can build it from scratch

Here is my idea:

Have it where all blueprints are unlocked for every player on a fresh server. Every time a crate or barrel is looted, whatever is inside locks the item(s) out for every player on the server. So if a player find a stone spear in a barrel, no player will be able to make them until a fresh server wipe.

Once every item has been accounted for, an event will start where all of the Newmans turn into monkeys, and you all fight each other over a nuke in the center of the map. The monkey in control of the nuke gets a bright red ass to show off to the server, until the nuke finally explodes and the server is reset.


Maybe do away with all BPs and everything is available, you just can’t craft it until you find it once.

Or no BPs, and you have to find everything over and over.

this is actually a good idea because, sincerely, no one uses the repair branch if isn´t for craft a research table.

I’m curious to see what the planned improvements to BP system are that we should hopefully see this Thursday.

The issue that I currently see as it stands is that the system is in place to prevent everyone running around firing rockets at each other, but it also severely limits players from progressing until they find certain blueprints (Guns, ammo, large crates etc), which they may be unlucky and never get or have to grind many annoying hours suicide running into radiation.

Imo a balance needs to be struck between allowing players to progress learning new tech at a good pace while still keeping the difficulty curve so that not everyone has access to start making the best guns, armor and rockets as soon as they can get some resources together.

I would say it would be cool if we could say attempt to research anything at a research table for the same current costs (Or higher costs) but at a 5-10% chance or less, or higher for more common items, or even a flat research but costing 5-10x the amount of resources crafting the item costs, but a chance based system could still lead to a few people getting super lucky and others having to spend insane amounts of resources to get to the same point. Something like this would make BP wipes more interesting/viable though, because rather than groups of regular players instantly being able to craft anything at the start, everyone is on an even playing field and people would be forced to choose what tech routes they want to focus on early game to get the upper hand. Groups could say have some people focusing on building/quality of life research while others research armor and weapons.

Something like this could be further expanded by limiting the availability of starting BPs and making players go down sort of tech trees where they can research some basic stuff without a research bench, and then for example being required to research some different basic ammo types/weapons before being able to go on to higher tier weapons. Limiting progression more like this may have the desired effect of keeping early game weapons viable for longer as even now with the introduction of HQM, you can have people running around with thompsons/bolt actions within a couple of hours of a server reset.

I do long for BP wipes being a possibility without making existing players overly salty though. It doesn’t make sense to me that regular players have a huge advantage over new players on server wipes just because they played there for longer, and it would make for a more interesting first half of a new world’s life as currently everyone just rushes the highest tech they can already craft a la HQM guns and instantly get on top anyone without those BPs. The current system of acquiring BPs is the culprit of this though, because the average time between wipes isn’t enough for a lot of people to get some nice BPs before it’s almost time for another wipe, unless the server wipes every month only for new procgen.

Research success at 100% But cost is 10x the amount.