A new Machinima.

Hello guys. I decided to make a new Gmod Machinima called Warped World. I’ve got everything to film, unless people who will speak the voices of my characters. You dont need special skills in Gmod for this. Only what you need it’s custom add-on pack. I dont see anymore ways to send add-ons, so download skype. If you really interested in this, PM me in Steam. My name in steam - Door Closer. Minimum age to join - 17 years, skills to forgery voices + american accent.

Maybe we could get a little more info? I’m all for a nice new project, but something this vague doesn’t help anyone.

“unless people who will voice my characters”
I guess you mean people who speak the voices of the characters ?

I cant give all the information in that thread.

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I’m sorry for my bad grammar.