A new method I created to stabilize any vehicle- with only thrusters n keybinds.

I just made a rocket ship.
I didn’t want it to bend sideways, etc.
So, I used my own method.
What I did was I used thrusters and I put it on each side of the rocket’s body.
I put them in a circle.
Now, the rocket will only go up straight and won’t bend. However, it will still spin. I do not know how to fix it.
I know some people know this, and it may be obvious, but I just wanted to share my ideas.
Please do not rate dumb.

Or you can use keep upright.

Dang it, I forgot.

this is a new method? I thought it was just physics.

if a thruster thrusts at 300 left, and another thrusts 300 right, its 0 net force.

y is dis new 2 u

It wond bend BEcause you the Truster are in a cercle and your rockect is spining,
It call Gyroscope Stabilization

here some video:

Description of above video: