A new Multi-Constraint tool

Should include;

Un-Welder (click shit, make sure you’ve selected what you want to unweld, right-click, and you can choose to keep the unwelded shit frozen or unfreeze :>)
Remover (same, click shit, make sure you’ve selected what needs removing, and remove :> much more better than realizing you’ve fucked it all up by selecting the whole thing :<)

The weld and unwelder should both have an option that is tickable: “Select whole contraption?” (will select all of it in one click, and anything constrainted to it)

I know we have many others, but seriously, they’re beginning to be outdated and not working, I was hoping we could have something that isn’t Smart Fail-Weld and Smart Ages-Constraint.

Smart weld:
Durable (almost)

Is a shit bag tool. Will make EVERYTHING unweld if you undo. That is NOT good…at all.

Smart Constraint:
Durable (we know this)
Easy to use

Takes ages
Sometimes does not work


What I would like is a tool that doesn’t take too long, but doesn’t finish straight away, so it’s got time to actually weld unlike Smart Welder.

Please post your views :>

And be able to deselect lots of objects at a time?