A new posting problem

If you have not already noticed, people are posting on the site with just pictures. Those pictures usuaully promote something, and its really pissing me off. One guy posted about his cruddy steam group for spammers. Another guy posted about his little contest he had with a friend. This is REALLY annoying, and i would personally like it if these people were ip banned for eternity.

Thank you and good day

I never knew pictures were against the rules.


its just really annoying because i dont want to see what people are doing on steam

Any zips containing not containing either “.lua” “.mdl” “.bsp” “.cfg” should be denied.

reskins yo

Forgot textures. Those too.

What about .txt

Uploads only containing .txt are not worth uploading.

So you made a thread about this? Nice.

It would be nice but Garry does not care about the quality of uploads as in this thread he made http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=518019

Some dupes are Ok

Ive yet to see a useful one. Plus learning how to make something yourself is more fun.