A new rare event like cargo or heli

So I think since y’all have added a new feature “zip line” and then a new gun with recoil changes and a new monument “artic research ” that a new event would be great . So my proposal is that there is a armored train that comes out out of military tunnels like cargo would randomly spawn and runs the railroad track around map holding up to two chinook crates and high tier loot making accessible for everyone on the map, you can pick up a randomly spawned train and hook up to other rail cars if wanted to ur train as ur catching up to the armored train creating more space to roam and defend against counters. To get to the loot rooms with the crates you have to have a red card to access in those room making it difficult to get to like cargo then have two heavy scientists guard ing the red rooms and blue scientists that roam the train and guard the armored train. But after a certain amount of time like cargo it goes back into military tunnels and despawns. I think this would be a great way for everyone to have a chance at this event even if they are low on the totem pole and make the railroad more active