A new roleplay

Hello Im currently looking for a LUA coder to make a RP server with like fire, a fire fighter class with a extinguisher swep and such and a NPC that buys bags of weed and you can make a plant for the f4 menu and harvest it and get bags of weed and sell them and you need to water the weed as well so it does not die. Id also like cars, police officers, printers but several kinds including the weed, NPC’s that sell things, vending machines that sell water for your weed plants, gun dealers that sell guns and not the PERP kind where you need to make a gun I like just straight up buying it. Id also like some other things please PM me or post oh and I will pay.

Wrong section. Also, there is a thread for this.

How is this new?

Oh dear god his name is “NeedCoder”.

I’m cringing at this thread.

holy shit, never thought of this and this type of roleplay has never been done in gmod. i’ll code for you!!!

ill do it


I’ll do it too.


i’ll do it for only 19.99, if you reply now, you’ll get another gamemode for free!!

omg when can it be done by

I’ve been beaten.

Quality over quantity my friend.

Looks over quality my friend.

Hey there

i get no complaints :derp:

Price has to be above quality.

I’ll pay you if you let me make this for you. <- With such an offer it just HAS to be good.

Ill do this for you. For 15$ Ill even make the fire extinguisher a pistol model :smugdog:

That you admit to (Has plenty but always dismisses them)

im a sexy beast what you on about fool

Of course you don’t, kuro. How could you possibly get complaints for selling gamemodes that are shit but looks fancy, for such a low price as 200$? :derp: :derp: