A New Spawn's Hopeful Revelation

In a more forward way of speaking, I have an idea for new spawns. I understand that the devs have already mentioned not wanting to limit players at all and that this is early alpha, yadda-yadda so on.

Currently, Rust has some extremely repetitive spawn points. I find myself respawning in the same places, often times around many people. I don’t think it’s too difficult adding more spawns, given that it’s as easy as creating them in Hammer Editor as it is on whatever they’re using. Adding more spawns would decrease spawn killing rates and give more options for viable and more suitable starting points. I’m sure they plan to add more eventually, but it’d make the game just a bit better in the meantime that we wait for big content updates.

Otherwise, new spawns (excluding sleeping bag spawns) should have invincibility or some type of quick buff for maybe a minute or until they find/craft another weapon. New spawns are relatively harmless with the rock, so it wouldn’t pose too much of a problem in being “too OP” if they attempt to attack someone. I don’t like this idea that much, but it’s an idea to consider.

Though I think when people prematurely complain about this game and the other player’s ability to be extremely hostile, creating more room and opportunity to start up could result in better reviews and more happy players.


In the wild and for many species, a large part of new born won’t survive past the first few hours.

I think the game currently succeed to transcript that feeling :slight_smile:

I think a fast gameplay improvement would be setting up spawns more randomly and a bit more outside the road as well. I’m thinking of areas such as Wastelands South, where there are insane amounts of resources spawning, and zero newbies present (only ‘castles’. gotta go there and see to understand. uk2). There should be also some indication of leaving the ‘active’ map area as newbies often get lost.

Spawns will eventually be entirely procedural

Ah, good to hear! Thanks. If I may ask, do you guys plan on removing our ability to suicide for better spawn points?