A new take on DarkRP

One night I was talking to a friend about Dark RP. We both lamented the fact that the game mode of Garry’s mod has never really evolved. It has been a stagnant wasteland of buying guns and shooting other people with guns. We racked our brains about how could we move this obscure little game mode that could beyond the bull :heart::heart::heart::heart: RDM.
We came up with an idea that changes the money dynamic. What if instead of getting money to buy items from players, the players invest money into a new type of economy called Supplies. Think of Supplies as a lifeblood of the economy. To buy a gun you need to go to the gun dealer and buy from his gun shop. Now this isn’t the shop we have all seen before. This is a custom shop that takes supplies and the person can interact without the gun dealer even being present.

***** BIG NOTE*****
When I say custom I do not mean we ran to the workshop and downloaded someone’s entity that is a dime a dozen. We hand crafted these using the LUA code. You will not find these anywhere on the workshop.

A big issue with Dark RP is that money seems to come from nowhere. Right not in Dark RP there are two ways to obtain money: Money Printers and Salary. The problem with money printers is that most servers it comes in too fast and everyone is rich. Also, the salary is not a living wage. If you are poor the salary is too slow and if you are rich it doesn’t matter. SO INSTEAD – NO salary. All money will be exchanged from other people or obtained from selling contraband.

Supplies ^^^^
The primary movement of the economy is the flow of the supplies. The “Warehouse Manager” will spawn the supply depot (a custom entity).

This machine has 4 buttons on the bottom that allow players to buy supplies. The supply cost can be changed by the warehouse manager for him to profit.
The warehouse manager will need to obtain the supplies by allowing other players to work. He can spawn and put funds into supply machine (a custom entity). It is essentially a mini-game that will pay players for working. Remember this is not free money, but comes from the warehouse manager.

Gun Dealer ^^^^
The gun dealer has always been the focal point of the Dark RP economy. You need guns to flow through the server to move money across players. One problem with the dealer is that they had their way of screwing the player without them knowing. We have created an entity (Custom) that is a new take on the gun shop. It allows the player to interact with the gun shop without having to deal with the gun dealer.

The red buttons signify that there are not enough supplies to buy that gun or shipment.
The gun dealer also gets a sexy little ammo crate (Custom) to sell ammo.

The buttons light up when you point to them. It also requires supplies to work.

MEDIC ^^^^
The medic was an easy change to do. Both entities are custom to sell health and ammo. This allows the medic to finally get paid for providing a service.

Smuggler and Contraband ^^^^
Most servers a player will buy a money printer and make money on the side. In this Dark RP players will need supplies to make their Contraband Printer (Custom) produce contraband.

That contraband will have to be sold to the smuggler who gets a small percentage. He also has a very nice custom entity to “Launder” the money.

This is another way for money to flow into the economy.

COPS ^^^^
It seems that the current motif for the cops is to hang around the PD and just mess around. We decided to change the dynamic by making the only way for cops to receive pay is to go to checkpoints placed around the map by the chief. The checkpoints can also be used by players to call for help. When a player calls for help it will alert the cops to that checkpoint.

A couple things: A chief cannot check in, but he will get some money whenever a cop does.
A cop cannot check into the same place twice. So he much move around the map patrolling.

All these ideas are still changing. Every day for the past two months my friend and I have worked to use LUA and our minds to think of new ways to progress this Game mode. Now, we need people to test these. To see if this economy can be sustainable.
But it also puts something else on the community. Do you really want change?

Join us on the server. DarkRP by Fox – Custom Economy – Beta
IP Address:

Just an fyi, it’s Lua not LUA however some of the aspects of this look like a nice change to darkrp. I’m interested to see where this project goes from here.

This feels more like an advertisement for your server, than content you’re publicly releasing. I think this thread would be more appropriate over at Games in Progress, as opposed to here