A new take on how health regenerates/Healing via medkits.

So I was thinking, while nomming on some chicken at home and plotting up new ideas for Rust, how nice it would be if chicken -really- could heal your wounds…

Anyways… My idea is as such: Remove the flat healing from chicken(and other forms of food.)! Instead, increase/decrease passive healing based on how full your calories were… That, and when you take damage, your maximum is reduced by X% of the damage you received. Personally, I do understand how hard this can make things, but I disagree with how anyone (This post is NOT aimed at all the kevies running around tanking damage.) could fill up their quick bars with medkits and food, get blown away to near death, then hide for a little while and come right back into the fight at full fighting power(minus the used food/medkits). If your max health was reduced reach time you took damage, you’d REALLY have to be all that more careful in a gun fight. Granted, this health reduction would slowly fall away as time went by.


Huh. You’d think something like this would get a comment or two. Or has the healing bit in the current game been hit by the stick a tad too many times?